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Woodpecker boilers

Woodpecker®Wood Pellet Boiler

“Heating with a clean conscience”

woodbiomass pellet boiler

  • Quiet Operation
  • No Chimney Needed
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Emissions
  • Easy to Install
  • Fully Trained Dealers
  • Minimal Service Needs
  • Superior Support
  • Modular Feed Options (add auto feed anytime)
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Easy to Use
  • Modulating output
  • Auto De-ash
  • Renewable Energy from Wood Pellet

When commissioned by aWebiomass
registered dealer you can be sure your
boiler is set to achieve optimum efficiency
and clean burning. It really is amazing how
cleanly wood can burn, that is why our
complete line meets or exceeds emissions
standards worldwide!

Made in Rutland VT

Approvals/ Certifications
EN 303.5                    UL 2523-2009
CSA B366.1-11          Ce

About the Manufacturer

Webiomass Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of biomass heating boilers located in
Rutland Vermont USA. Using only the finest primarily US components, we manufacture residential and
commercial equipment and distribute through a highly trained dealer network in the USA and Canada. All
our products undergo rigorous internal quality and safety checks to ensure delivery of premier quality
In June 2011 Webiomass Inc. received exclusive license forWoodpecker and Thermon boilers from
Woodpecker Energy UK, the largest selling line of biomass boilers in the UK.
Webiomass requires all dealers attend in depth factory training. Our dealers are the finest installers and
technicians in the industry, ensuring quality installations and after support.